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This comprehensive, easy to use program provides assessments, training and resources so participants can see where they may experience unique challenges at the behavioral level and the methods and practices they can implement to work most productively from their own PTI type perspective.

Assessment debriefs and development planning can be done in less than a day.  As with all HRD Press training programs there are no costly or time-consuming certifications or use requirements


The PTI Assessment is a classic 16 type assessment and uses the same letter classification system as the highly popular Myers-Briggs type.  Clearly written type booklets make it easy for anyone to interpret their personality type as it relates to workplace issues like stress management, time management, and team roles. Online administration makes collecting, scoring and presenting assessment information automatic and error free.

Facilitator Guide with Our Audio-PPT Coach 

The Facilitator Guide includes experiential learning activities and discussions within a modular format that enables trainers to delve more deeply into the history of Jungian personality research as well as Keirsey, Freud and others who have influenced views in the broader field.

The PPT slide show with optional audio paces the workshop and assessment report debrief.

An extensive Power Point
slideshow with embedded video makes training a breeze. Simply play the video and then facilitate the exercise
It is that simple


Participant Guide

The companion Participant Guide includes key information and development planning worksheets that work with the assessment report and facilitator guide to provide participants a complete personality learning experience.

Purchase Options

Assessments and training resources may be purchased individually or in an unlimited use license for one low price for your entire organization.

To learn more about an unlimited use PTI license or to inquire about our Train More for Less License please contact one of our representatives and they will be happy to help you.

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